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Computer Repair

The friendly staff at KO Tech is here to assist you with any and all desktop repairs.  We offer simple repairs such as hard drive replacement to RAM (Random Access Memory) Installs to more complex troubleshooting such as thermal issues and Motherboard Replacements.

Laptop Repair

Laptops are not like most other computers.  Due to their small form factor, they are much more complex than a normal desktop computer.  Parts inside a laptop also vary between each manufacturer. Laptop repair takes someone who is fully trained and versed on laptop repair and can handle most laptop repairs quickly and easily.  The friendly staff at KO Tech is here to assist you with any and all laptop repairs.

Mac Repair

Having problems with you Mac?  We can help!  Although Macs are similar to Windows based computers, they are often more difficult to repair and require special tools and equipment to troubleshoot.  KO Tech can run diagnostic tests on your Mac and give you a full report within two business days with our recommended repair path and pricing.

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What else do we provide?

Virus Removal

All computers can become infected with spyware and malware, crippling the overall performance of the computer, destroying files, and obtaining access to your personal data.  KO Tech offers a flat rate service for Virus Removal that will remove all traces of viruses on your system. remove unneeded files that are eating away the space on your hard drive, remove registry errors, and de-fragment your hard drive to restore your laptop to its original performance.

Data Backup & Recovery

When it comes to protecting valuable data such as pictures of family and friends, personal and business documents, your favorite songs, and other important data, you should always have a backup copy of them in case of unsuspected system failures and crashes.  Without completing regular backups, your data is at extreme risk.  Once the files are gone, there’s no getting them back.  Let KO Tech help you get started on your backup routine to keep your files safe.

OS Reload

Often, computers slow down over time because of the abundance of programs and other data that the computer becomes in contact with.  An efficient means of getting rid of this data and giving your computer a fresh start is a Windows Reload.  After first backing up the data requested by the customer, a Windows Reload will wipe the entire hard drive of the computer and install a clean copy of the Operating System (OS).  Following the Windows Reload, device drivers and the latest Windows Updates will be installed on your computer.

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“Thank you so much for getting my computer back “to life”…you are the

Brenda Taylor

I took two laptops to KO Tech to be diagnosed. One was mine & the other my son’s. While they were not able to fix either laptop it was not because they were not capable, just that one laptop was beyond repair (mother board failed) and the other was simply an issue with our wireless router at home. Each laptop was diagnosed separately and I was updated regularly on the progress. Once the problems were discovered I was notified immediately. I feel they are an honest and capable business to deal with.

Melissa Fancher Satisfied Customer

Absolutely terrific customer service along with computer repair

Josh Glover Satisfied Customer
Thank you so much for your prompt service of my computer. Your email progress updates were very nice, letting me know that you were working toward completing my work order. My computer works great now. If I need computer repair in the future I will return to KO and I will definitely recommend KO to my friends who need computer repair.
Dawn Flynn Satisfied Customer

“Thanks for the help and the quick turn around.”

Lucy Poche Satisfied Customer

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